The Obscenity List

Jan 8, 2022

Ever wish you had a ready-made list of profanity? Maybe you want to remove NSFW comments, filter offensive usernames, or build content moderation tools, and you can't dream up enough obscenities on your own. You’re in luck — Surge AI is creating the world's largest profanity dataset, in 20+ languages. Get it for free now. 


The dataset contains 1600+ popular English profanities and their variations.


text: the profanity

canonical_form_1: the profanity's canonical form

canonical_form_2: an additional canonical form, if applicable

canonical_form_3: an additional canonical form, if applicable

category_1: the profanity's primary category (see below for list of categories)

category_2: the profanity's secondary category, if applicable

category_3: the profanity's tertiary category, if applicable

severity_rating: We asked 5 Surge AI data labelers to rate how severe they believed each profanity to be, on a 1-3 point scale. This is the mean of those 5 ratings.

severity_description: We rounded `severity_rating` to the nearest integer. `Mild` corresponds to a rounded mean rating of `1`, `Strong` to `2`, and `Severe` to `3`.


We organized the profanity into the following categories:

- sexual anatomy / sexual acts

- bodily fluids / excrement

- sexual orientation / gender

- racial / ethnic

- mental disability

- physical disability

- physical attributes

- animal references

- religious offense

- political

Looking forward...

We'll be adding more languages and profanity annotations over time.

Need a larger set of expletives and slurs, or a list of swear words in other languages (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, etc)? We love feedback. Reach out to!

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