Love language?
So do we.

We're a team of engineers, researchers, and linguists from Google, Facebook, Harvard, and MIT. We started Surge AI to build the infrastructure to power NLP.

We work with companies at the forefront of AI to solve their core machine learning and language problems — from detecting hate speech, to parsing complex military documents, to injecting human values into the next wave of language models.

Our team comes from

Our first product is a platform that helps ML teams create powerful, human-centered datasets to train machines in the richness of language.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Surge AI?

Surge AI is a global data labeling workforce and platform that provides world class data to today's top tech companies and researchers. We're built from the ground up to tackle the extraordinary challenges of Natural Language Processing — with an elite workforce, stunning quality, rich labeling tools, and modern APIs.

What is data labeling?

Data labeling is the process of annotating raw data in order to effectively train machine learning models and artificial intelligence. Surge AI provides the highest quality data labeling at lightning speeds, thanks to our highly-trained global workforce.

Why is data labeling important?

It's simple. High-quality data labeling produces high-quality data. And high-quality data is the bedrock for every successful machine learning model. World class AI starts with world class data labeling.

How do I start labeling my data with Surge?

Getting started is easy — just sign up, upload your data and labeling instructions, and our workforce can start labeling your data in minutes. For more information, check out how to Start Your First Data Labeling Project on the Surge AI blog. Or, reach out to us directly at

How much does Surge AI cost?

Our platform itself is free to use, and you decide how much to offer the Surge AI workforce to label your data (we're happy to provide guidance). If you already have a team of labelers, it's absolutely free to take advantage of our rich labeling tools and run your project through our platform. Sign up for free now!