About Us

Learn more about the Surge team and mission.

Who are we?

We are a team of senior engineering leads from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Harvard, MIT, and Y Combinator. We are working with great companies to solve their core machine learning problems.

What is our mission?

AI is changing the world, but it's difficult to translate new tech into real-world impact. The problem lies in the lack of high-quality data. Our mission at Surge is to change that.

How will we do it?

We have two products:

A platform for extremely high-quality data labeling. Think Mechanical Turk 2.0, but with an elite workforce. To build models that solve complex problems, like detecting misinformation and hate speech, we leverage skilled workers who understand these complexities.

Tools for easily turning data into AI. A machine learning model is defined by its data, so anybody - from your PM to your marketer to your engineers - would be able to create ML models just by labeling data points.

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