Love data?
So do we.

We're a team of engineers and researchers from Google, Meta, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. We're building the modern human data infrastructure to power the next wave of AI – like building powerful large language models and training rich content moderation systems.

Our team comes from
Generating high-quality datasets is a rich, nuanced problem.

Our human-AI algorithms and operational infrastructure give your data the loving care it deserves.

Founding Team

Edwin Chen


Edwin founded Surge AI to build the human data platforms needed to power the next generation of rich, intelligent AI. He previously led machine learning, content moderation, and human computation teams at Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and studied mathematics and linguistics at MIT.

Andrew Mauboussin

Engineering Lead

Andrew oversees Surge AI's Engineering team — from building APIs that support real-time human computation, to internationalization efforts that enable data collection in 30+ languages, to new frontends for rich human/AI interaction. He previously led Twitter's Integrity ML and Counterintelligence efforts, and studied CS at Harvard.

Bradley Webb

Product Lead

Bradley runs Surge AI's Product and Growth teams. He previously led Integrity and Data Operations teams at Facebook, and graduated from Dartmouth.

Jefferson Lee

ML Lead

Jefferson leads Surge AI's data labeling and content moderation products — whether it's helping customers evaluate large language models, moderate content, or train Spam and Hate Speech classifiers. He was previously an early engineer on Airbnb's Trust and Safety ML team, and studied computer science at Harvard.

Scott Heiner

Operations Lead

Scott Heiner is a product manager at Surge AI, where he is focused on building high-quality human data pipelines. He leads Surge’s work with institutions focused on large language models and AI alignment. Before joining Surge AI, he led operations teams in the media industry.

Jean Massad

Design Lead

Jean is the person in charge of all the purple you see in our branding, website & product. Having lead design teams for the last 10 years in funded startups and Fortune 500, he has found a sweet spot in designing for software companies. He sometimes thinks he might have overdone it with the purple.

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