Train AI on the Richness of Human Language

Build powerful NLP datasets using our global data labeling workforce and platform.
Groundbreaking companies know their models are only good as their data . So we reimagined data labeling from the ground up.
Better ML performance through better data
Faster labeling speed
Understand your datasets and your labelers
20+ Languages Supported
From German and Japanese, to Arabic and Amharic
Higher data quality
Modern APIs
Global Support

Labeling that embraces the complexity of language.

Welcome to the world's most powerful data labeling platform. Our lightning-fast data labelers — the first labeling workforce designed from the ground up for NLP's extraordinary challenges — build you datasets infused with the richness and subtleties of language. Throw in groundbreaking technology, sophisticated quality controls, and vibrant APIs — our platform unifies sophisticated labelers with the powerful tools you need.

Join the world's top researchers and engineers, and say hello to a new wave of AI.
Elite Workforce
Reimagine your labeling workforce with native speakers who understand the complex ins and outs of your tasks.
Stunning Quality
Stop worrying about junk data. Our sophisticated quality controls give you peace of mind where it matters most.
Rich Labeling Tools
Spreadsheet labeling is a thing of the past. Annotate your data through our rich editors and tools.
Modern APIs
Seamlessly mix human and machine, through direct integrations with our powerful APIs and SDKs.

Language is hard. Surge AI makes it easy.

There's a big difference between James Bond being a bomb at the box office, and the bomb. That's why machines need human intelligence to train them, and why the world's top AI companies turn to us for their data labeling needs — from detecting sarcasm in hate speech, to understanding medical terminology in hospital transcripts.
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An imagine showing what data labeling looks like

World class data for
world class AI.

The best AI responds rapidly to real world developments. What did "delta" mean to any machine 6 months ago? When you need thousands of labels to train new classifiers on the fly, rigid workforces using Google Translate just don't cut it — you need sophisticated labelers who understand your problems and the tools to manage them.

That's why we're building next-gen labeling infrastructure. With it, our customers have doubled their ML performance through better datasets alone.

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