Human Intelligence. On Demand.

Break down your AI and Moderation bottlenecks. From startups to the Fortune 500, companies use our elite workforce and labeling platform to gather insanely high-quality human-powered data at lightning speeds.


Build your labeling projects using our customizable editor, or leverage our managed service.

High-Skill Workforce

We recruit high-skill professionals around the world, in 20+ languages, so you don't have to.

Guaranteed Quality

Our state-of-the-art quality controls guarantee the SLAs you need.

Stop waiting months for small, low-quality datasets

You provide the data. We provide the platform and workforce to label 100K+ data points every day.

Label hate speech and misinformation, with workers that have the language skills you need.

Measure your AI to make sure it's fair and aligned with your users.

Design custom tasks using our self-serve tools. When you can trust your label quality, the sky’s the limit.

Better data beats fancier models

As AI advances, we need increasingly sophisticated data to improve and measure its performance.

High-skill workforce

Our high-skill labeling workforce undergoes a rigorous series of tests; only the top 5% make it through.

A platform you can trust

Our platform makes collaborating with them, and monitoring their quality, a breeze. Your own labelers are welcome too!

Built by engineers and researchers with decades of experience

We're a team of Google, Facebook, and Twitter engineers on a mission to make humans and AI work hand in hand. We help top companies to create massive datasets for hate speech, AI fairness, creative generation, and more—at lightning speeds.

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