High-quality data labeling in 30+ languages.

We offer an Enterprise plan for teams that need high volume, fully managed data labeling services with guaranteed SLAs — we’ll help you create guidelines, build you custom labeling teams, and manage quality controls end to end.

Guaranteed quality, speed, and volume SLAs
Dedicated project manager and Slack channel
Custom data labeling teams
API integration, with support from our engineers
Support creating guidelines and task design
Management of gold standards and
quality controls
Design your own data labeling templates
using our WYSIWYG editors
Label data in 30+ languages
Chat with Surgers and get their feedback
...and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact our support here:

What is Surge AI?

Surge AI is the world’s best data labeling platform and workforce, providing the highest quality data to today's top tech companies and researchers. We're built from the ground up to tackle the extraordinary challenges of Natural Language Processing and other advanced labeling tasks — with an elite workforce, stunning quality, rich labeling tools, and modern APIs.

What is data labeling?

Data labeling is the process of annotating raw data in order to effectively train or evaluate machine learning models and artificial intelligence. Data labeling projects can range from simple (labeling the sentiment of text snippets) to complex (writing Python to train code-generation AI). Surge AI can handle it all, at scale. You can download our datasets to see what great data looks like.

How can I start labeling data with Surge AI?

It’s easy. For individuals: sign up for free, create a labeling project, and launch. Watch the results appear in real time! 

For enterprise: book a call with us to discuss your labeling project. In most cases, we’ll launch a sample project for you same-day.

How much does Surge AI cost?

There are two components to the Surge AI platform — our labeling tools and the Surger workforce. 

For enterprise, we price projects on a per task basis. Book an intro call to learn more.

Who are Surge AI’s customers?

Amazon, Google, Twitter, Cohere, Stanford, University of Cambridge, Substack, Twitch, Emory, Redwood Research and Primer, to name a few!

What can I do with Surge AI?

Make sure to check out our use cases!

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