Next-Gen Data for Next-Gen AI

Our elite data labeling workforce and platform help you build rich datasets.
Loved by academics, governments, startups, and enterprises

Instruct and RLHF Training

Training an LLM?
We provide the world’s best SFT, RLHF, and Eval data across a wide range of use cases, domains, and languages.

Code Generation

Building AI coding assistants? Our team of programmers teach your models to code in a dozen languages.

AI Alignment & Safety

Want to learn how your models behave under duress? Our adversarial labeling teams will poke and prod to see how robustly your models resist unwanted behavior.

Search Evaluation

The world’s smartest search engines use our Search teams to gain insights into user intent, search relevance, website quality, and overall user experience.

Customer Support

Need help building machine learning models to categorize and auto-respond to customer support requests?
We help companies classify thousands of support tickets and rate the quality of agent responses every day.

Sentiment Analysis

How do users really feel?
We partner with leading e-commerce and social media platforms to deepen understanding of their user bases by analyzing the sentiment of reviews, comments, support tickets, and more. 

GPT-3 Fine Tuning

Unlock the true potential of GPT-3 by fine-tuning it for your specific needs. 

Financial Categorization

Drowning in financial data?
Our expert labeling team can analyze, transcribe, and label cumbersome financial documents and transactions.

And hundreds of other uses

We support the full spectrum of AI needs, including Search Relevance, Language Model Evaluation, Product Categorization, Named Entity Recognition, and more.
Elite Workforce
A labeling workforce with native speakers who understand the complex ins and outs of your tasks.
Stunning Quality
Stop worrying about junk data. Our sophisticated quality controls give you peace of mind where it matters most.
ML Insights
Spreadsheet labeling is a thing of the past. Annotate your data through our rich editors and tools.
Modern APIs
Seamlessly mix human and machine, through direct integrations with our powerful APIs and SDKs.
Faster Iteration
No more blockers — why wait months for bad data when you can have amazing data in days?
Data Quality
No more mediocre results. We build custom labeling teams for every project to ensure unmatched data quality.
ML Improvements
Unlock the potential of your AI. Our customer have improved their ML models by 50% through better data.
We support over 40 languages — from Arabic to Amharic to Vietnamese — and are adding more constantly.

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What is Surge AI?

It’s simple — high-quality data labeling produces high-quality data. And high-quality data is the bedrock for every successful machine learning model. World class AI starts with world class data labeling.

What is data labeling?

Data labeling is the process of annotating raw data in order to effectively train machine learning models and artificial intelligence. Surge AI provides the highest quality data labeling at lightning speeds, thanks to our highly-trained global workforce.

Why is data labeling important?

It's simple. High-quality data labeling produces high-quality data. And high-quality data is the bedrock for every successful machine learning model. World class AI starts with world class data labeling.

How do I start labeling my data with Surge?

Reach out to today, and we’ll get you started in no time.

How much does your data labeling software and workforce cost?

Great question! Make sure to checkout our pricing page.

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