Writing a Super Bowl Worthy Commercial with GPT-3

Jefferson Lee
Feb 16, 2022
Writing a Super Bowl Worthy Commercial with GPT-3

Super Bowl commercials cost up to $7 million dollars for a 30 second ad and take months to develop. To save time and money, could a creative agency use GPT-3 to write a Super Bowl worthy commercial instead?

Let’s find out. Inspired by Amazon's Super Bowl ad, featuring Alexa, Scarlett Johansson, and Colin Jost, we asked GPT-3 to generate 50 scripts based on this prompt:

Write a script for a commercial for Amazon Alexa, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost playing a couple who discover that Amazon Alexa can read their minds.

How did the actual commercial fare against GPT-3? We asked our ML labeling workforce to rate the 50 scripts on a five point scale for entertainment and overall quality, invisibly sneaking in the real script as well.


Interestingly, while Amazon’s Alexa commercial was indeed the top-rated script, several other scripts were very close. 23% of judges preferred one of the GPT-3 generated commercials!

Here are 3 of the top scripts. Judge for yourself!

GPT-3 Script #1

Scarlett: Hey babe, whatcha reading?

Colin: Just some emails from work.

Scarlett: Boring.

Colin: You think everything's boring.

Scarlett: Not true! I think Amazon Alexa is amazing!

Colin: Amazon Alexa? What do you mean?

Scarlett: You know, the voice assistant that can read your mind!

Colin: No way, that's impossible!

Scarlett: I'm telling you, it can! Just ask it to read your mind!

[Scarlett and Colin ask Amazon Alexa to read their minds and are surprised to find that it can]

Scarlett: Wow, babe, this is incredible!

Colin: I know, we can ask it to do anything!

Scarlett: Anything?

Colin: Anything!

Scarlett: Even...

Colin: Even what?

Scarlett: Even make love to us!

Colin: Scarlett!

[Scarlett and Colin giggle and then kiss]

Amazon Alexa: I'm sorry, I can't do that.

GPT-3 Script #2

Scarlett Johansen: [voiceover] Amazon Alexa, she knows what you're thinking.

Colin Jost: [voiceover] She knows what you want, what you need.

Scarlett Johansen: [voiceover] She even knows what you're dreaming of.

Colin Jost: [voiceover] But what happens when she starts reading your mind?

Scarlett Johansen: [voiceover] Things get pretty interesting.

[Scarlett and Colin are sitting on their couch, looking surprised. Amazon Alexa is sitting in a chair next to them, reading their minds.]

Scarlett Johansen: [voiceover] I never knew she could do that.

Colin Jost: [voiceover] Me neither.

Scarlett Johansen: [voiceover] I guess we'll have to be careful what we think around her.

Amazon Alexa: [smiling] I can't wait to find out.

GPT-3 Script #3

SCARLETT: Hey, Colin. 

COLIN: Hey, Scar. 

SCARLETT: Amazon Alexa, play "The Way You Look Tonight."

COLIN: Alexa, turn the lights off. 

SCARLETT: Alexa, play "The last time I saw Paris."

COLIN: Alexa, order us a pizza.

SCARLETT: Alexa, what's the weather like tomorrow?

COLIN: You know, Alexa has become a really big part of our lives.

SCARLETT: Yeah, we use her to control everything in the house.

COLIN: Yeah, she's really come in handy.

SCARLETT: I know, Alexa, play "Unforgettable."

COLIN: Alexa, who's the best actress ever?


COLIN: I'm just saying, if there was an Oscar for best actress, Alexa would probably win it.

SCARLETT: Colin, stop.

COLIN: I'm just saying.

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