Surge AI's Free Toxicity Dataset

Bradley Webb
Jan 21, 2022
Surge AI's Free Toxicity Dataset

Saving the internet is fun. Combing through thousands of online comments to build a toxicity dataset isn't. That's why we're creating the world's largest dataset of social media toxicity — so you can skip the slog and get to work. Get a sample for free now!

We hope you find this sample of our dataset useful, whether you want to flag hateful speech, develop content moderation tools, or build classifiers to detect toxic messages.

Interested in the full dataset of toxicity to train your ML models, or toxicity in other languages (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and 17+ more)? We work with top AI and Safety companies around the world to build human-powered datasets to train stunning ML. Reach out to!


This repo contains 500 toxic and 500 non-toxic comments from a variety of popular social media platforms. Rather than operating under a strict definition of toxicity, we asked our team to identify comments that they personally found toxic.


text: the text of the comment

is_toxic: whether or not the comment is toxic

Looking Forward...

We'll be adding more languages and annotations (e.g., augmenting each comment with a severity ranking, adding categories, etc) over time. In the meantime, if you are interested in a dataset of profanity, check out The Obscenity List.

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Bradley Webb

Bradley Webb

Bradley runs Surge AI's Product and Growth teams. He previously led Integrity and Data Operations teams at Facebook, and graduated from Dartmouth.

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