Supercharge your NLP with Surge’s NER labeling tool

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Supercharge your NLP with Surge’s NER labeling tool

We’re excited to release the newest feature in our NLP labeling suite: a self-serve, multi-user tool for labeling named entity recognition (NER) tags and text relationships.

At Surge, we help the world's top AI companies create high-quality datasets to train their language models. We’re releasing our NER tool to the Surge platform, so that everyone can now easily get text data on their own. Just start labeling for free with you and your team, or leverage our pre-vetted annotation workforce.

Here’s a demo where you can label a review of the movie Parasite. Try it out!

How does Surge compare to existing tools?

  1. Easy to get started. No need to deploy your own server or establish an enterprise account. Start labeling projects right away without any setup or onboarding.
  2. Free team management. Invite collaborators to manage your labeling projects or label alongside you.
  3. Fully-customizable templates. Add a wide variety of questions to each labeling task. For example, your task can contain NER and image annotation questions together.
  4. High-quality workforce. Offshore annotation doesn't cut it for language tasks. We've built a highly vetted, on-demand workforce in 20+ languages when you're ready to scale up your labeling.

There’s plenty of room for additional features and improvements, so we’d love feedback to shape our roadmap.

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