The World's Best Toxicity Dataset

Saving the internet is fun. Combing through thousands of online comments to build a toxicity dataset isn't. That's why we're creating the world's largest dataset of social media toxicity — so you can skip the slog and get to work.

Dataset Preview

Built by an Elite Workforce

Surge AI is a data labeling platform and workforce. Our data labeling team pored over tens of thousands of social media comments to build this toxicity dataset. Each comment was then evaluated by multiple members of our team to determine its severity level.

Other Datasets

Japanese Hate Speech, Insults, and Toxicity Dataset
A dataset of online comments in Japanese that contain hate speech, insults, and toxicity.
Dataset of Search Queries and Intents
This dataset contains search queries, as well as the user's intent when performing the search query.
Google Search Quality Dataset
This Google Search Quality dataset contains search queries, intents, result URLs, and a human-evaluated rating.
Search Evaluation Dataset
This search evaluation dataset contains search queries, the intent behind each search query, result URLs, and a human-evaluated search quality rating.
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Dataset
1000+ tweets, classified by sentiment.
Email Spam Dataset
A dataset of real Spam and Not Spam emails, including whether or not they were caught by Gmail's spam filters.
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